Dolfin Lightstrike Tech Suit Jammers


FINA Approved

Composition & Care:

42% Nylon / 31% Polyester / 27% Spandex.

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.


Stormlight Shell & Hyperlight Lining: – The fabrication was developed in Italy, after months of rigorous testing. – Results produced a unique and exclusive combination of the highest strength to weight ratio of any previous FINA approved fabric.

Perfecta-Fit Micro-Sizing: – With the Styku® 3D body scanner, Dolfin has created the perfect sizing system for all athletes. – The unique and exclusive micro-sizing fit will allow unprecedented customization for every swimmer. – All athletes will have a perfect fit in 3 key zones: Chest, Torso, and Hips/Legs.

Core Power: – Patent-pending taping around the torso is exclusive designed to compress, control, and activate the core.

Variable Compression: – Utilizing the first-ever variable compression fabric through the inner thighs, athletes can finally customize their major muscle control to fit their range of motion and their race plan. – Long axis or short axis, the choice is up to you.

Vibration Control Taping: – This 3D molding mimics anatomy to reduce drag while increasing compression and control for additional energy return.

Sizing & Fit:

Compression fit.

Flex leg.


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